About Us

RenewRechargeReflect offers carefully crafted yoga retreats and wellness weekends along the East Coast. Guests enjoy clarifying meditations immersed in nature, as well as yoga and fitness classes led by experienced world-class instructors. RenewRechargeReflect offers guests with daily nourishing meals, curated gift boxes with all you’ll need to unwind, a time to decompress and relax, meditation and journaling workshops, soundbath and crystal bowl sessions,  and the opportunity to ditch your busy life so you can renew, recharge and reflect. RenewRechargeReflect is your chance to join us on an escape to unplug, reset and start anew. We curate your weekend of mindfulness with like-minded women who need an ultimate recharge. RenewRechargeReflect accommodates solo guests (upon request) and small groups up to 10 guests.